Wooden pallets

Standard or custom-built, new or reconditioning, the wooden pallets offer a lot of answers


They combine economical and ecological parameters

In the heart of Sustainable Development, our pallets are produced from a lush and renewable resource. They are easily repairable and recoverable at the end of life (material and energy) and they offer a image of nature and authenticity, appropriateness to the current society trend, attached to the environmental considerations.

The easiness of wooden processing allows to produce all kinds of pallets. The wooden pallets  have a general use; they can be used for most applications and in all sectors. They are widely employed by the industrialists and the retailing, individually for the intense rotation products (dry products, fresh foods, dairy products, liquids...).

Choosong wooden pallets, it's choosing :

  • THE COST-EFFICIENT SOLUTION thanks to a competitive raw material whose the  rates stay in those days
  • THE CUSTOM-BUILT SOLUTION because it is possible to make all kinds of pallets without special restraint
  • THE ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTION because the wood is THE eco-material, natural, renewable and recycling which contributes to the fight against the greenhouse effet