Wood-by products

Sawmill by-products with many markets

In our production sites, the log sawing generation secondary produtcs that are the barks, the sawdusts and the chips.

The barks are the first by-products made in sawmill, before the sawing. The sawdusts are the wooden particles arising from the sawtooth action on the wood. Their grading fluctuates functions of a certain number of machining parameters like the type of blade, the sawing speed, the sawntimber specie. About the chips, it concerns products got during the grinding of solid wood scraps, like the slabs or directly during the sawing with tools of kind "canters". PGS markets sawmill by-products that present real economic and environmental interests.

According to the by-products, the markets can be:

  • The papermaking industry, the board manufacturers,
  • The carbonization, the industrial and collective boiler rooms,
  • The appropriate packing platforms,
  • The horticulture and the landscapings...





The market demand, the available quantity and the regularity of the product supply, quality and purity, the distance compared with the user... are as many elements that have an influence on the price fixing.