The principle

An ECO-designed pallet

The pallet environmental impacts are limited, upstream, from its conception. So, the EcoPGS is:

  • a multiple-use pallet: repairable, longer life,
  • recoverable at the end of life (energy, raw material),
  • optimized in its sizing: realized with an application software called Pallet Express and tested for its mechanical strenght from the FCBA technological institute (Forest-Cellulose-Wood-Furniture),
  • produced with modern sawing technologies allowing reduce the power consumptions.




Quality controls are made and followed for the manufacturing and repairing operations. Notably, they are about:

  • The quality of used woods,
  • The respect of the sizes and the tolerances,
  • The quality of the assembling,
  • The pallet sizes.


An ECOlogical pallet

The EcoPGS is mainly made from storm wood (windfall) of january 2009. This method meets our eco-citizen step of recovery of raw materials coming from forests managed sustainably (PEFC). More over, this new product complies with the demands of the decree n°98-638 on 20/07/1998 concerning the environmental demands (about the pallet manufacturing, ingredients, reuse and end of life).


An ECOnomical pallet

The EcoPGS price is optimized by:

  • The upstream control of the log supplies (with a guarantee of a contractual commitment in term),
  • An optimization of the unit cube,
  • Economies of scale thanks to an important "multi-customers" production, on modern and high-performance manufacturing lines,
  • The anticipation of the return rate.




The EcoPG is all at one carriage-paid price all over France, without capital asset term.


Process of volume reassure:

  • Possibility of intervention before 24h,
  • Medium safety stock of 25 000 pallets on our Salles factory (33),
  • Failing available EcoPGS pallets, EUR pallets delivery in substitution,
  • Eventually, available stocks on all our reconditioning sites.

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