Optimizing the creation of pallets: a full time job

In some cases, users wanting specialized wooden pallets that are adapted to their specific requirements need to be guided in order to optimize the different components of their pallets and to obtain the best possible response to the issue of practicality and prices.At PGS, we consider the work involved in the creation of a pallet structure to be similar to that of an architect that draws up the plans for a building, after having defined the characteristics of the structure of the product.The conception of a pallet is like creating a structure that will be required to transport up to several tons of goods under optimum conditions of security and profitability for the staff and the material. In addition, it is necessary to master, well in advance of the conception, all the technical and economic aspects of this structure.

PALETT EXPRESS? software: a new engineering system for wooden pallets

Neither the numerous designing software available on the French market that only replace the designer?s ruler nor the American measurement software specializing in stringer pallets and North American wood species reply to these issues. This is the reason for having chosen ?PALETT EXPRESS?.

The V3 version which is what we have in possesion is the latest and allows us to do among other things:

  • Draw up a detailed outline for specifications, putting together the characteristics (measurements, weight, fastening elements, nailing plan?)
  • Calculate the maximum acceptable weight load with respect to loading conditions and considered support
  • Finalize the size of the pallet components and the assembly parts
  • Determine the most requested element
  • Establish realistic pallet plans





In the end, by continuous repetition, this creative assistance tool allows the best optimization of the cubic volume of the pallet, which is the raw material, by appropriate measurements, while respecting all the mechanical performances demanded by the users.


So why make an oversized and expensive pallet, while it is possible today to optimize costs under completely safe conditions ? Gone are the days of guesswork or rigorous procedures.