Sawtimbers: Quality, provisions, machining

Selected sawntimbers

To answer the customers' specifications and the manufacturing standards, a selective sawntimber classification is done on all our production sites. The classification rules are constitued on the wood appareances and peculiarities.

Two choices are established for the sawntimber classification (choices 1 and 2), on the basis of the norm NF EN 12246 "Wood quality categories used for the pallets and the packing".

The sawntimbers used for the box and pallet classification are most often rough. But it is possible to use some supplementary machinings, that is to say: chamfered corners (beveled), board chamfering, block marking  intended to the EUR pallet manufacturing.

Supplementary services can be added : kiln-drying and ISPM 15 treatment. A preventive antifungal treatment (products registered food contact) can be realized, if the sawntimbers have to be subjected to climatic conditions favor fungus development.