RDB Pallets

PGS and Rodanar Pallets create "RDB Pallets", a joint-venture giving birth to the new Belgian leader in wooden pallet.

Unity makes strength, and PGS Group and RODANAR have understood this well.
PGS, through its Belgian subsidiary DE BACKER and RODANAR announced Tuesday, Sept. 9 the creation of the joint venture "RDB Pallets." An association that gives birth to new Belgian leading manufacturer of wooden pallets totaling 60 million € in annual revenue, 120 employees, 10 million pallets produced per year and production facilities of 14 production lines.
RDB Pallets will also intend to radiate outside the borders of the kingdom. The newly created company will also expand its activities in France, the Netherlands, Germany or the UK, where there is a marked shortage of wood raw material for the production of pallets.
Through this alliance, the Belgian subsidiary of PGS, DE BACKER and RODANAR will commercialize and develop their range of products and services based on their two main production sites based in Poperinge and Snaaskerke-Gistel. Eventually, the two companies plan to expand their range of services to the collect, repair and sale of reconditioned pallets. The final objective is for them to better serve their respective customers.