The PGS Group now owns 100% of SAS ORTH

Gradually, the PGS Group refines its equity. A few days after completing the acquisition of Belgian DE BACKER, PGS ad now owning 100% of the capital of the SAS ORTH and its factory pallets JURAPAL. A financial transaction that comes finalizing the 51% that the Group had acquired in September 2012 and consolidate its presence in eastern France.

PGS Group has increased its takeover to 100% of the companies in which he did not hold the entire capital. Jean-Louis LOUVEL, President and Founder, said "increasing our investments in order to master the entire share capital in companies DE BACKER and ORTH, was essential to implement a wide development plan and make new investments in several companies in the sector whether in France or abroad. " 

Indeed, PGS, which has shown its strong growth ambitions, particularly internationally, indicates that several acquisitions will be completed by the end of this year.