Lifetime ending pallets: well established procedures

Pallets that have arrived at the end of their life span (cannot be repaired or no longer satisfy the requirements and needs of the market) become a secondary product or a fully fledged secondary material.

The value system that we have implemented includes:

  • The reuse of parts in good condition (planks or blocks) that provide a source of reusable raw materials for the repairing of used pallets;
  • The production of wood shavings that can be used in the creation of wooden boards (secondary raw material) or in industrial and collective boiler rooms in order to produce energy.


Combustible wood shavings: ?dry? product with a LHV*one and a half times higher than that of the bark?s : combustible, a complement for the bark and sawdust allowing the optimisation of combustion conditions. It is a regular, calibrated and clean grading product which has a certain consistency in its caracteristics.


*Lower heating value