Human resources: integration and social promotion

Investments on professional training have been one of PGS’ main commitments for many years,   aimed at increasing its partners? expertise. Internal training programs are regularly put in place in order to allow its staff to face up to the quick evolution of jobs and processes.

The PGS Group practices its values of respect and solidarity on a daily basis towards its own employees. In this way, the Group is ready to incorporate diversified skills and to value different cultures and paths. One of the keys to PGS?' success is surely its expressed will to work for the integration, assimilation and improvement of its veteran staff as well as their new employees. Our main objective is skills management, which involves the detection of practical know-how and the possibility for everyone to aspire to evolving functions, as long as the motivation and the will to succeed are present.


At PGS, managing its skills is to ensure its knowledge and practical know how within a group. It is also a required element in the promotion of partners in the company.