From 1993 until now, discover the history of PGS Group through an animated film depicting the steps of our development

1993 – Creation of Palettes Gestion Services

PGS was founded in March 1993. Jean-Louis LOUVEL, its President and two partners, Michaël MODUGNO (Vice-President) and Gilles HERMANN (Purchasing Manager), started in a little workshop of 478 sq.yards, in Saint-Etienne-Du-Rouvray (76 – France), to repair pallets.


1995 – For a controlled national cover

PGS inaugurated its second establishment in Le Mans (72 – France). Quickly, other reconditioning sites were opened in order to net the national territory.


2001- Pallets manufacturing

PGS decided to integrate new pallets production into its offer of services in becoming a full-fledged producer. The meeting of qualified men, fully aware of their craft, led PGS to pick up three units of sawing and pallets manufacturing, TECHNIPAL Normandie, TECHNIPAL Bretagne and TECHNIPAL Champagne (France).


2001-2002 – Diversification of the range of products and services

An offer of complementary products was introduced with the marketing of FIBC for transport and storage of products in bulk.

At the same time PGS offers very quickly, services to businesses providing a simplified and delegated management of their flows of pallets: relocation, pool management, recycling, transport...


2002 – Launching of the societal step

PGS launched out in a societal step with the development of one first partnership with protected Workshops (ESAT – Establishments on Services of Assistance by Work) of Saint Quentin (02 – France) for the production of new palettes from wood of 2nd category. The group will strengthen its engagement with the establishment of other partnerships with ESAT Micocouliers (66), ESAT Le Courria (40), ESAT Valbarel (13)...


2006 – International deployment

PGS begins its international deployment crossing an international border, with the opening of two foreign offices one in Spain (Barcelona), a second one in Belgium (Charleroi)


2008 – ISO 14001 and PEFC certifications (FCBA/08-00941)

The reconditioning site of St Etienne du Rouvray (France – 76 ) is the first PGS site to obtain ISO 14001 certification for activities of collection, repair and reconditioning of pallets, as well as for supply chain management of flows, drying, ISMP15 heat treatment and on-site services.


The same year, PGS acquired PEFC certification (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) for the production of its wooden pallets on the 3 TECHNIPAL sites.


February 2009 – The PGS/BEYNEL connection

PGS takes a majority holding in the capital of Beynel-Manustock, French leader of pallets’ sawing and important actor of pallets and wooden crates production.

This connection makes PGS / BEYNEL the No. 1 player of wooden pallets in France and No. 2 in Europe.


June 2009 – Storm wood storage yard

January 2009, Klaus storm, located in Aquitaine, damaged 42.5 million m3 of timber, including 37.1 millions m3 of maritime pine which is the most affected species.

Facing this economic and ecological unprecedented disaster, 32 hectares of land were acquired for the storage of this raw material to be preserved under spraying.

The storage yard is contiguous to the Beynel factory in Salles (33 – France). All in all, 11 months will be necessary for the storing of the 500 000 tons envisaged.


January 2010 – Palettes PERURENA and SYNERGIE Emballages takeover

The 25th January 2010, the companies Palettes PERURENA and SYNERGIE Emballages, severally located in Coquainvilliers (Calvados – France) and in St Amand-Montrond (Cher – France), were taken over by PGS Group. The PERURENA and SYNERGIE activities are wood pallet manufacturing (2.000.000/year) and douglas sawing (60.000 m3/year).

With this takeover, PGS Group, n°1 of new and reconditioned wood pallet in France and n°2 in Europe, grows stronger its leader position and reaches the position of 1st pallet sawing producer.

This connection makes PGS / BEYNEL the No. 1 player of wooden pallets in France and No. 2 in Europe with nearly 600 employees and a turnover of around 150 million Euros.


February 2011 – Group PGS finalizes its participation in the buyout of BEYNEL


April 2011 – Connection Group PGS / Group BLANC

Group PGS continues its plan of expansion and takes a majority holding in the capital of the Group BLANC.

The perimeter of takeover of the operation relates on the two companies SPB (Scierie Palettes Blanc) and SPC (Scierie Palettes de Camarès), two complementary and indissociable production sites, ensuring an annual production of about 1.3 million pallets.


May 2011 – Birth of BRP

The Group PGS and the Belgian Group François SA decided to share some of their activities and to link their know-how for more efficiency in Belgium, by amalgamating their respective subsidiary, PGS Belgium and CSD Palettes.

While thus amalgamating to form a new company called Belgium Recycling Pallets SA, it is the birth of a leader on the Belgian market of the reconditioned pallet which takes place.


September 2012 - PGS enters in the capital of DE BACKER

First strategic operation out of France for PGS which concretizes a first minority acquisition of a holding in the capital of its counterpart and partner DE BACKER, Belgian leader in wooden pallets.


September 2012 - PGS takes control of Groupe ORTH 

PGS follows its acquiring way to reinforce its sawing and manufacturing pole and to perfect its grid of the territory via the acquisition of a 51% of the capital of SAS ORTH and its manufacturing factory JURAPAL (consolidated turnover : 27,6 million seuros). PGS extends its range of products thus, particularly with the integration of the moulded pallets.


March 2013 - The PGS Group acquires the timber activity of ARNAUD Group 

PGS recorded its tenth acquisition in France since 2009 and is finalizing its grid of France to conquer the international. 

On March 29, 2013, PGS has acquired 100% of the corporate capital of F. ARNAUD and PALSUD, both belonging to ARNAUD group. Our Group has now an effective and operational grid on the entire French territory, ensuring competitiveness and responsiveness to serve our customers. 


June 2013 - Opening an international cell 

The Group continues its international expansion with the establishment of a dedicated team. PGS network extends in the Maghreb, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.