An innovative and economic service

Physical relocation is a logistical service that allows the management of the pallets' flow for a local customer's account, or event beyond the French border. The customer's pallet account is similar to a "credit-debit" banking system that relies on the following principles.

By crediting a value to the pallet, an industrial can thus optimize the management of his pallets park by removing the roundtrips of empty pallet trucks.

It is the perfect balance between all the supply chain actors.
The PGS system provides you the good quality, the good quantity of EUR pallets at right place in the right time.

Possibility to relocate your specific pallets all over Europe.


Relocation advantages for the customer :

  • Time saving
  • Money saving on pallets purchasing
  • Reduced transport fees
  • Reduced greenhouse gases


Virtual transfer for a real delivery: it's information and not the pallets that travels !
Pallets whenever and wherever I want...