A green revolution for growth and performance

Sustainable development is not a style; it is part of the sense of history. Being more than a simple commitment with an ecological undertone, Sustainable development has forced itself to become more and more the business model of a world that is constantly changing.

The PGS Group intends to play an important role in the consideration of the stakes involved in Sustainable development. The integration of a procedure of Sustainable development has been achieved by respecting the current company culture, without causing any major upheaval in the organization. In the heart of our organization, we have defined a certain number of strategic priorities for Sustainable development based on 3 main themes:

  • Master and reduce the impact of our activities on the physical and human environment;
  • Contribute to the economic and social development of all the parties involved;
  • Better anticipate the needs of tomorrow.



These ambitious commitments, given as tangible goals through concrete actions, are impacted on all of our activities and are integrated into our management processes (investments, information systems, communication,?). A regular follow up is ensured and organized around an internal as well as an external communication.


Fore more information: Download our Environmental Policy