A function Research and Development within the Group

Any R&D activity demands human and financial resources, as well as a defined work frame. An R&D unit (coordinator Gérard Vierge - +33 (0)5 56 88 05 56) has therefore been created within PGS-BEYNEL and brings together job and product experts. They are responsible for a research approach that associates the company?s skills with our customers? expectations, by considering their present and future needs.



Four main research activities have been defined; they target:


  • The competitiveness of wooden material by improving transformation and value adding procedures;
  • The fine tuning of new innovative products.




These functions are the following:


  • Supply: rationing stocking methods- adding value to forest resources
  • Conception/Construction: binding or sticking green wood in order to obtain long planks of wood (Project ABOVE)
  • Long lasting: Protecting wood and improving its long lasting nature by conserving its integrity- (Project PLASMAPAL)-wood microbiology for food contact.







Sustainable development:


This structure is further completed by an active participation from numerous employment federations, organizations and professional trade unions which PGS belongs to: FNB,SYPAL,SEILA,FIBA,ASLOG etc